Sparta War of Empires Elixirs Guide || Know All the Best Elixirs in the Game!

sparta war of empires elixirs guide

Playing a strategy game is really complicated. There are many mechanisms you need to understand before you can understand what you need to do. Actually, you do not need to know all of them. Just know the important one is enough. In this game, we have an item called Elixirs. What is it anyway? Here, we will give you Sparta War of Empires Elixirs guide. You will know the important information about the best one in the game.

What is Elixirs?

It is like enhancement items for a specific unit. In other words, you cannot combine the use of Elixirs to a random unit. You must find the one which compatible with the unit you want to upgrade.

sparta war of empires gameplay

Glory Elixirs

You can use this one on Phalanx units. Glory Elixirs will increase combat power of this unit. We are sure you already know it is important to upgrade Phalanx unit because they are the main assets of the offensive team.

Wrath Elixirs

This one special for Offensive Cavalry. It will increase their strength status by 0,5%. The percentage will increase each time if they level up, so the more your Cavalry gain a level, the more attack power they will gain as the result. It is quite difficult to find this item, you need to look everyone in the resources points.

Resistance Elixirs

If you have Defensive Light Infantry, you need to use the Elixirs right away. It will boost their defense status significantly. You can also use this one on Phalanx units. But it is not quite effective. So, we do not recommend you waste your precious item.

Swiftness Elixirs

Use this item immediately on Defensive Cavalry. If you do that, the units defense will hard to penetrate. There is also a bonus damage when face against certain units. Actually, you cannot choose which bonus because it is generated randomly.

Endurance Elixirs

Heavy Infantry Units is the best one if we talk about the HP amount. Especially if you enhance it with Endurance Elixirs. They already become like a monster in the term of HP. Be sure to use this one without any hesitation. This is a good way to protect your troops from destruction.


Now, you already know the information about the Elixirs along the simple guide which units compatible with the item. If you still have a problem, do not hesitate to tell us or you can use Sparta War of Empires hack instead. Here, you will get a lot of currency for free. It works 100% without any problem occur. So, grab your free gold right away.


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