Stupid Zombies 3 Battle Guide || Become the Best Zombie Hunter in this Game!


If you like to play a zombie game, this is one of the best on the Play Store you can download. You can feel the greatest sensation from shooting the zombie. Unfortunately, do not think the game will play in 3D map with awesome graphics. Like the title say, this game is really stupid. You will move right and left to shoot the zombies. In other words, this game use side-scrolling genre. Now, for you who have a problem, we offer you Stupid Zombies 3 battle guide to help you on the stage.

All Zombies Appear Randomly

After you enter the stage, you will see many zombie pop-ups. Here, you need to tighten your defense because there are some zombies which appear randomly. Sometimes, they will rise in front of you. Of course, you will get damage from it. We recommend you to move around, never stay in one place or you will meet the game over screen.

stupid zombies 3 gameplay

Cancel Your Shot

Conserve your ammo. If you think your shot will miss, cancel it immediately. You do not want your precious ammo to get waste. Remember, how hard to obtain an ammo in this game. If you feel unlucky today, quickly cancel it or you will regret it.

Bring the Gun Which Has a Multiple Target

Gun with multiple targets is really helpful. It can destroy all enemies at once. That is why you need to bring this one as the support weapon. Use it in the right timing to destroy all the zombies effectively without wasting any single bullet. You will also get additional score if you success to banish all of them. It is like killing two birds with one stone.

Burger is Important

Even though it is hard to recover your ammo in this game, it is a different case with your health. You can replenish your health with the burger. One thing you need to remember, all zombies in this game can eat that food too. So, if you really need it, you need to be quick or the zombie will eat it. You can kill them first to save up your food.


How about our battle guide? Is it helpful for you? If so, we really glad. It is really hard to play this one if you already know the trick. If you want more guidance, we will create another one for you. Just say the word and we will offer you. Before you close this article, you can use Stupid Zombies 3 hack to acquire free currency. If you really need it, just visit it right away and use our awesome generator.


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