Stupid Zombies 3 Tips for Beginners | Follow Our Tips to Clear the Levels Easily!


Do you need a help to play this exciting game? Then, you have come to the right place because we will share the Stupid Zombies 3 tips for all beginners. Actually, this game is quite easy to play but some beginners still find it difficult to get stars and clear the levels easily. That is the reason we share you these tips so you can have a better progress. Now, just check out the tips below!

Make a Plan Before You Take a Shot

stupid zombies 3 make a plan

When we are ready to shot the zombies, there will be a line which shows us where the bullet will go after we release it. Then, make sure that our bullet can hit as many zombies as we can in one shot because we need to save the bullets for the next round. That is why we need to make a plan and aim it really well so we will not waste the bullet.

Explode the Barrels

stupid zombies 3 explode the barrels

On each level, we will find some barrels which can explode if we shot it. So, whenever you see these barrels, make sure that you aim for it and explode it to banish the nearby zombies. Doing this will be much easier rather than we have to aim those zombies with one bullet. Moreover, we can get some bonus if we manage to explode the zombies with the same type.

Kill the Same Type Zombies in One Shot

As we start the game, we already learned that killing the same type zombies in one shot will multiply the points that we will earn. Doing this is the best way to help us in getting all the three stars at the end of each level because we will get a better number of points.

Save Your Bullets

If you aiming for the three stars for each level that you play then, you need to save your bullets. We will get a chance to get the rampage mode if we manage to fulfill the requirements on each level with ammo to spare. And during that moment, every point that we get will be doubled. This is one of the best ways to earn more points and get the three stars.

Take Advantage of the Objects Around

As we play in this game, we will see that there are some objects that can be used to kill the zombies such as the crates, wheels, vents, platforms, and etc. By using those things, we can get some extra points for each zombie that we can kill and of course, it will be really helpful for our final result and get all the three stars.


We really hope that your zombie killing experience will be better after you have read all the Stupid Zombies 3 tips above. If you have some tips that we do not know, you can share it by leaving a comment on the box below! And as a bonus, we would like to tell you the way to get free Gold Bars. Just use this Stupid Zombies 3 Hack to get it as many as you want.


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