Tap Tap Reborn 2 Tips for Beginners | Follow Our Tips and Be a Pro Player!

tap tap reborn 2 tips

For you who love a music game, you should try Tap Tap Reborn 2. We really recommend this game and we can make sure that the game is really great and addicting. And before you start playing it, we already prepared all the things that you need to know in this game by giving you Tap Tap Reborn 2 Tips. These tips are really suitable for you the beginners as it will help you a lot in the game.

Try to Gain XP as Many as You Can

In this game, we can say that XP is the most important thing. As we know that it is often used to make our level up. So, why it is so important? It is because it is the only requirement to unlock the songs here. By gaining a level, we can unlock a song so we can play that song whenever we want. And each level that we have reached will unlock the other songs as well. If we do not level up, the song will not be unlocked for sure.

Do Not Waste Your Money

As we have said before that the songs can be unlocked after we gain a level in the game. Maybe it takes a very long time to get all of the songs available here. Actually, we can buy the songs that we like or really wanted to play in the shop by using our real money. But, we never recommend it as it will make the game less attractive. We will have no purpose anymore if we do that. And the most important is that we will lose a lot of money which is not good at all.

Stay Focus

Now, we will give you the tips for playing the game. The first one is to stay focus all the time. Since we need to tap all the balls while passing the three boards, we need to be focused so we do not miss a single ball. Just for your information that missing a ball will make our chance to win become smaller. We need to tap all of those balls in order to get a lot of combos as it will increase our score massively.

Use a Headphone

We really recommend using a headphone while playing this game. By wearing a headphone, the game will be more exciting as the music sounds better and also we can be more focused. If we wear it, we will not hear the other sounds around us. We will just hear the music playing. As the result, we can focus on the rhythm of the music and get a better score at the end of the game.

Use Both Thumbs

There are so many ways to tap the balls in this game. We can use only one of our forefingers, forefinger and middle finger from one of our hands, or using our thumbs. Actually, it all depends on our choice. But, we really recommend using our both thumbs to tap the balls as it much easier than the other ways that we have mentioned.


We have shared all of the Tap Tap Reborn 2 tips that we know with you. Now, it is up to you if you want to follow all of our tips above or not. If you want to follow them all, of course, it would benefit you a lot.

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