Temple Run 2 Guide for Beginners || Solve Your Problem Right Away in This Game!


Endless running game lately becomes really popular. What makes it become really awesome is, you do not need to think deeply how to play the game. You just need to jump, move left or right, and scroll down to avoid an obstacle. But, the game can provide a good challenge for a beginner if you do not prepare really well. To avoid that matter, our Temple Run 2 guide can help you immediately.

Improving the Right Upgrades

temple run 2 upgrade

The first thing you need to know in this game is about the abilities. Choose the suitable one for the first time is needed. As for us, the good at the beginning are Coin Magnet and Boost Distance. You can focus on those two. You do not need to save up your coins because it is not really worth. The function of it only upgrades your abilities.

Mine Cart

temple run 2 mine cart

The new features of the game. When you enter the mine, you will ride a cart. This vehicle is hard to master. You need a luck and good control over it. We know it is sound stupid, but keep tilted your cart into the right direction. Do not need to worry the road is straightforward. For example, if the road goes into the left direction, just tilted to that direction. Do not collect any gems which hard to reach, just focus escaping the mine first.

Complete a Stage Objective

Stage objective or also known as the quest is really important if you want to obtain a great reward from it. Not only that but also you will earn the tremendous amount of EXP to level up your account quickly. You can see the objective while you run. Just tap the options menu and select the objective for the stage. There is no time limit for the quest, you can relax while completing the objective.

Ignore Power-ups Near the Cliff

When you see a power-ups item near the cliff or the place which can make you fall, please kindly avoid it. Do not take any risk which can lower your survivability. It is futile you get the power-ups items and you die after that. In this kind of game, just play safe is enough. Your task is to get a high score to become the best one.

Utilize Slide and Jump Combo

Some stages will throw an obstacle directly to your character. It is not really wise to move left or right to avoid it. The best thing which you can do here is to slide down or jump. You need to utilize this combo as soon you meet the obstacles. You need to have quick reflexes also. Remember, use only jump or slide combo to escape. Sometimes it will throw three obstacles at once, which is why you cannot move left or right.


For you who recently played the game, you do not need to worry anymore. Our temple Run 2 guide is ready to become your savior to achieve everything which you need in the game. Good luck guys!


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