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Howdy guys? It seems you are in a good condition. We are sure you already know the game which we presented today. This is one of the great game which you can download in the Play Store for free. So, for you who already played it, do you have difficulties? If so, we ready to help you with Terminator Genisys guide.


We are sure you ever meet this giant robot in the wasteland. This is the enemy you should defeat repeatedly. So, is there any benefit when we defeat this one? Of course, it is. You will earn great rewards which you cannot obtain anywhere except you defeat this thing. Before you engage the battle with this robot, check all your equipment, upgrade it if it is possible. Remember, prepare anything you need because this one is quite strong.

About the Quest

When the first time you play the game, you can see a basic quest on the home screen menu. If you can, clear all the quest immediately to get exclusive weapon and item. We are sure you will not regret it. Do not prolong the quest because the weapon you get will help you on the stage. Believe us, we never lie to you at all.

terminator genisys

Speed Up Your Building Construction

In order to speed up your building construction, you can join a clan. Before you join them, you need to see the buff of the construction, if it is quite fast, joins the clan immediately. Of course, for people who do not waste their precious gold, you need to take advantage of it.

Choose a Weapon Which Has Fast Recoil

If you have this kind of weapon, it is easy to kill the enemy quickly. The special shop has this kind of weapon. If you do not have enough currency, you can also find an ability which has a quick recoil. Actually, this kind of ability is really hard to get. But, if you have it does not hesitate to use it.

Plan Your Strategy Before Entering the Stage

This game is not that easy as you think. If you do not have any strategy, it is quite dangerous to process further on the stage. At least, you have one or two backup plan. In case of emergency, you can use it immediately. Of course, you do not want your troops to die quickly.


That is all the information you need to remember when playing this game. Do not insult this game, it is quite challenging if you do not prepare yourself. For people who still need our help, do not hesitate to write it down in the comment box below or you can use our Terminator Genisys hack to solve all the problem instantly.


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