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terminator genisys tips

We do not tell you the information about this game anymore because all of you already know about it. We will directly go to the main section which is Terminator Genisys tips. For beginner players who have a problem in the game from the start, we can help you to overcome it. Without any further ado, see the tips right away.

Train Your Troops Constantly

If you want to become the strongest player since the beginning, train your troops is the best choice. If you have the chance keep upgrading their status. Remember, even though your main character has awesome status if you do not balance it with your troops, all the enemy will aim for them. As the result, you will get a bad rating at the end of the stage. Of course, you do not want to obtain a bad reward, right?

terminator genisys weapon

Research System

Always conduct a research whether you enter a stage. It will increase the rate of obtaining higher resources on the stage. If you are a smart gamer, you already know the importance of a resource. Not only upgrade your characters but also the weapon. Be sure to check up your resources everyday.

Clear All Mission if Possible

For the beginner players, complete all the mission will help them progress faster. There are three types of mission you can complete such as personal, strategic, and clan missions. As for the clan missions, you cannot do it until you join one. For the first time, you can focus on the personal and strategic mission. Doing a mission is not a waste of time, you will get something valuable in return.

terminator genisys weapon lists

Join a Clan

This is a good choice if you want to get additional buff in battle. Of course, you must donate to the clan to make the buff stronger. There is also a clan shop which sells the exclusive weapon. To purchase it, you must have a clan point. Either you get it from mission or clan war. So, do not waste your time to play solo. Join clan immediately to get a lot of benefits.

Final Words

That is the end of our tips. Hopefully, it can lift all your problem in the game. We are sure you wonder the tips are really short. We want to make it simple, so all players can understand it without any problem. If you still have any problem, our Terminator Genisys hack can help you. Do not need to worry, this is one 100% safe. Our beta tester already become the scapegoat to try this tool and they get free gold for real. For the users, you only need to claim this awesomeness.


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