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the archers 2 review

The Archers 2 is the second version of the previous one with the same title which published by BYV. Actually, it is just a simple game with not much outstanding things in it. But, many people love to play this game. In the Play Store only, there are already more than 10 million downloads until now. Even this game has beaten some games which can be said better in several aspects than this one. So, how can it be so popular like that? Find out on The Archers 2 review below.


The Archers gameplay is really simple where we just controlling a character of a stickman to launch the archer in order to kill the enemies. The goal is to kill as many as we can as long as we do not get hit by the enemy’s archer by two times, or we will die and the game will be over.

the archers 2 gameplay

The same rule goes to the enemies where they will die after getting two hits from us. And we or them will die instantly if the archer hits the head (headshot). For each kill, we will be granted by 1 Coins and around four if we can make a headshot.

Game Modes

One of the things that makes this game so exciting is that it has three different modes that we can play. The first one is the single player mode where we will have to survive as long as we can and collects a lot of Coins like we have explained a little in the beginning.

Then, we can also play it with our friends in the two-player mode. Here, we will duel with them in a one on one match. To play in this mode, we still using one device where each player will touch one of the sides of the screen. And each of us will have five lives and the one who lost all the lives first will be a loser.

The last one, there is a multiplayer mode. In this mode, we just need to kill each other as many as we can and we think that there is no limit at all. But, there will be a wall in the middle which will make it more difficult to target our rival. And if you want to play here, do not forget to have an internet connection as it is really needed.

Armor, Weapons, and Skills

The other exciting thing here is that we can equip our stickman with an armor, weapon, and even skill which can be really helpful. Equipping armor will give us an advantage as each armor has a different ability. One can protect our head from several arrows (depends on the price), one can give us more Coins, and one other can gives some explosive arrows.

the archers 2 armor and weapons

Then, we can also change the weapon that we will use. There are three kinds of weapons such as arrow, spear, and shuriken. And there are a lot of choices that we can choose from those three weapons although they will not give us any advantage at the end.

Here, we will also have a skill. There are exactly six skills available in this game and each of them is having a different ability. As an example, there is a skill that can create a protective sphere around our stickman and the one which can create a reflective sphere.


For this aspect, we cannot say that the graphics are bad or even good because it is just a simple one. All we can say that the 2D graphics are quite interesting to see and it is so smooth when we are playing it.


  • Quite entertaining and addicting to play.
  • No pay to win system.
  • Simple but challenging.


  • The game is just repeating the same thing all the time.
  • There is no further update in this game.


The Archers 2 is a really good game actually although we will feel bored if we have played it too long because there is nothing that we can do except shooting the enemies with the archer. But, we would recommend this game to you as it can kill our boring when we have a spare time.

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