The Archers 2 Starter Guide || Things What You Must Know Before Play the Game!

the archers 2 starter guide

The Archers 2 indeed become the most addicting game on the Play Store. We can say for sure because we already played the game. That is why we want to give you a quick information before you play this one. So, you will not end like us. Honestly, we rush into things so we fail to understand the mechanism of the game. But, on the second try, we already know what we should do at the beginning of the game. Check out the Archers 2 Starter guide right away!

Hit the Practice Menu

the archers 2 practice

Before you play against the real opponent. We recommend you to practice how to play the game. Why? Because the game will not give a tutorial at all. As a smart gamer, you need to understand how to shoot the arrow and another useful skill. Keep practicing until you know what to do in this game. After that, you can begin your real match!

Upgrade Your Skill

Do not need to worry, this game has a special skill which you can use either to defeat your opponent quickly or support your stickman in a pinch which increases the status dramatically. We recommend you balance the use of the skill. Upgrade the one which you need. Do not choose the one who rarely used. It is to save up the resources you need to upgrade it.

What is Armor?

Armor in the game it is not a suit which you equip to your stickman. It is the name of your HP (Health Point). Do not forget to upgrade this one. You will know why armor is really important. If you frequently upgrade your armor, you can withstand almost all enemy attack directly.

But Another Bow

the archers 2 bow

You can change your bow appearance in this game. Of course, the attack power also increases in the process. Be sure to try it if you get one. Each bow has a different skill that is why if you keep changing bow, your skill also changed. Do not need to worry, the skill which you already upgrade will not reset to level one because you change the bow.


That is the starter guide which you can follow before playing the game. Do not insult this game, if you are not playing seriously, you will know what we mean by that. We also have a present for you which is The Archers 2 hack. Be sure to use it when you are in the pinch.


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