The Best Drag Racing Games For Low-end Smartphone

Best Drag Racing Games

If you’re the kind of boys who love cars and car racing game, I’m sure you all familiar with the drag racing game. We’re lucky to be live in 2017 because racing games are really evolving. Today, we have the capability to play games from our smartphone. But not all smartphone now is capable running great games like drag racing. But, don’t be sad, there are still few best drag racing games for low-end smartphones.

I’ve been playing a lot of racing games and I can say that most of the games are highly detailed graphics and very lagging for low-end Android. No worries, I’ve listed all the best ones that can be played on your old device with smooth gameplay. So, check out the list below.

3 Best Drag Racing Games For Low-end Smartphone

1. Drag Racing 4×4

Drag Racing 4x4

If you want to play a different style of drag racing with SUV cars, this is the game for you. In this game, you can tune up your SUV and have it race with other players from around the world with the same car types. You will never imagine that a jeep can be used for drag racing. With a lot of tune in and upgrade you can make a jeep go fast. If you want to get the best experience of this game, you can use Drag Racing hack tool. By using such tool, you can get so much fun in the game.

2. Drag Racing Club Wars

Drag Racing Club Wars

Drag Racing club wars are the racing game that you must try even if your phone is old. Why I really recommend this one? Because this game is light enough, only about 35mb. Even though that this game is light, but the graphics are awesome!

3. Drag Racing Bike Edition

Drag Racing Bike Edition

Drag racing game is not just all about cars, but this one is unique because it uses motorbikes. Feel the roar of the engine on the motorbikes as it’s drag racing along the street. This game is really perfect for you who are looking for alternative racing games. It’s also free to download on Google Play Store or App Store.



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