The Best Hunting Games on Android and iOS Platform You Should Try

The Best Hunting Games

If you have a hunter’s desire inside of you, you can unleash it by going on hunting in safari and take down some animals, or if you don’t have the budget, you can try some of the best hunting games on the mobile phone. Hunting game is a game which played by many people. The reason for this maybe because some of us love the guns or love to kill something with the guns. Whatever the reason is, we love games about hunting. Check all the list of the games below.

3 of The Best Hunting Games on Android and iOS

3. Wild Hunter

Wild Hunter 3D

If you own a low-end smartphone with the low capability of gaming but you still want to play hunting game, then you need to play Wild Hunter. It’s a game that is lightweight. You don’t need lots of storage and the graphics are simple enough so your device is not going to struggle to play it. Don’t worry, the gameplay is pretty good in the game.

2. Dino Hunter

Dino Hunter

If you love hunting and love dinosaurs, then this game is the perfect one for you. Prepare your arsenal of weapons because you are going to hunt some dinosaurs, and some of them are fearsome ones. You need to be ready for everything that will go on. You’re the hunter and don’t let the dino eat you alive. It’s a game of survival here.

1. Deer Hunter 2017

Deer Hunter 2017

Probably the best hunting games ever made. Deer Hunter is a classic game since years ago. The true masterpiece of hunting with lots of professional weapons in your weaponry. But you will need a lot of Gold if you want to purchase the best professional rifles. I recommend you to use Deer Hunter 2017 hack tool if you want to get the true Hunter experience in this game. The currency system in this game is little bit annoying. But all in all, this is the best game to unleash your Hunting desire.


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