The Best Minecraft-Like Games on Mobile Platform

Minecraft-like Games

With all the fancy graphics on mobile games, lots of gamers still love the retro style one like Minecraft. Minecraft is a true pioneer of 144p games. We have seen lots of Minecraft-like games took inspiration from it. And some of them are a great success and really fun to play. But it’s not same all the same in the term of gameplay. Each of them has their own uniqueness. If you want to know all of the game, take a look below.

The Best Minecraft-like Games on Mobile Platform

1. The Blockheads

The Blockheads

Blockheads is a side-scrolling game where you can explore the world solo or together with your friends. Explore, mine, craft, and build, those are the objects you can do in the game. A memorable journey through all the mysteries awaits you.

2. Roblox


Roblox is a sandbox game where you create a world of your own and play with friends inside. This game has one of the largest communities that actively creating something new and interesting for the game. Once you play this game, there won’t be a stop for you.

3. Cubic Castle

Cubic Castles

Same as Roblox, Cubic Castle is a sandbox game about creating your own game world and invite friends to have fun. What’s more from this game is that you can customize your character with all the unique appearances you can imagine and build the world as big as you can imagine. The thing you need in the game is the materials and Cubits. Cubit is the currency to make any purchases of the item that you want. People keep asking how to get it easily, but I can say the easy way to earn Cubits is to use a Cubic Castle hack tool. Lots of people cheating in the game, so it well might be good for you to am I right?

4. Block City Wars

Block City Wars

If you want something different than just mining and crafting, then you should try Block City Wars. It’s a game with same graphics as Minecraft but this game is an FPS. You can compete with other people from around the world using all the kinds of weapons you ever dreamed of. The better weapon you have, the bigger chance for you to dominate others.


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