The Best Mobile RPG Games on Play Store That You Should Play

The Best Mobile RPG Games

The evolution of mobile RPG game is never stopped. For the last three years, we have seen some of the best mobile RPG games on Play Store. I love playing mobile games, and moreover, I love playing games with good storyline, good graphics, and great gameplay. And all of that aspects you can get out of games with the genre of RPG. Today, I want to tell you some of the best games of that genre. Let’s take a look at all the list below.

4 of The Best Mobile RPG Games on Play Store

1. Kritika

Kritika Gameplay

Developed by Gamevil, the developer behind the successful games like the Zenonia series. Kritika is a game full of action, with lots of monsters to be slain with your awesome weapons like swords, bow, and some magic weapons. I have tried this game, and this game has the potential to be great.

2. Evilbane

Evilbane Gameplay

Evilbane is the game which combined with great graphics, storyline, and gameplay. Hundreds of dungeons full with all the dark entity that aims to destroy the world. You can start the game with some classes. Choose the one you prefer, each of them has their own style in combat and have their own magic ability. Lots of weapons and legendary armor you need to have if you want to enter the hardest dungeon of all. You can also fight against other players from around the world in a competitive multiplayer match. Play this game easily with Evilbane hack tool where you can get free Crystals to get an advantage over your enemies.

3. Seven Knights

Seven Knights Gameplay

If you want to play a unique side-scrolling RPG game, then you need to try Seven Knights. It has a great storyline to follow and full of actions. Collect hundreds of heroes and all the legendary Seven Knights and equip them all with the best items to make sure they can slay all the monsters. This game is one of the games with hours and hours of storylines.


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