The Survival Hungry Games 2 Beginner Tips! Follow the tips to Know the Game Better!

the survival hungry games 2 beginners tips

Hello guys, we meet again. This game reminds us of Minecraft. Okay, we want to ask a simple question, how about your progress in this one? As for us, we already make a great weapon to stay survive. For you who get stuck in some part of the game, we proudly present you the beginner tips which can help you to overcome the problem completely.

Always Collect Your Resources

This game is really unique. There are some resources which you can get at morning, evening, and night. We recommend you always collect all resources. It does not matter you find a useless item. Someday you will use it without knowing it. This is the basic step in order to create a weapon and another thing. If we must say, resource in this game like a heart of your character. If you do not have anything, another player will hunt you down easily.

Upgrade Your Health

the survival hungry games 2 health

In the beginning of the game, do not upgrade anything except your HP or also known as health. This is really important. It will help you withstand another player’s attack. Do not think to create an outfit which can increase your defense because it takes a lot of time and resources. Now, you already know the reason why we advise you to increase your health for the first time.

Do not Rely on Map System

the survival hungry games 2 map system

The map system in this game really sucks. You cannot see the road or the building on the map. What you see only a dot which is either enemy, resources, or friends. We recommend you do not see the map or it only makes you confuse. Just depend on your instincts to survive the wilderness. We are sure it easier to walk without looking at the useless map.

Always Refill Your Ammo

Before you can take a challenge from another player, you will have the preparation time. In this case, the important one is looking for an ammo. Remember, your ammo will not refill automatically, that is why you need to do it manually. If you fight a real player with limited ammo. You are the one who loses the battle.

Final Words

This game is really interesting because it tests our skill how to manage and collect resources. If our The Survival Hungry Games 2 beginner tips do not help you much, we still another weapon which you can use. Just click this game hack to get free currency of the game for free.


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