The Survival Hungry Games 2 Tips | How to Survive in This Game? (Must See !!!)

the survival hungry games 2 tips

The Survival Hungry Games 2 is a really interesting game that many people love to play. Though, many people still have a difficulty to pass through the stages because they lack experience especially the beginners. Most people die early, even they have not reached half of the stage. And in this occasion, we would like to give some useful tips for this game which can really help you a lot.

Buy a Weapon

buy a weapon

As we know that in this game, we have no weapon in the beginning. So, we will fight with bare hands. But, do not worry since you will find a weapon on each stage and you can also get some more from the enemies that you killed. Unfortunately, it does not enough if you do not bring your own weapon from the start. That is why buying a weapon is really needed.

Do Not Miss Any Medical Kit

Along your way on each stage, you will find some medical kit which will increase the amount of your health. So, no matter how much your health is, whether it is full or already decrease, you should pick it up. Your health will still increase even though your current health is still 100 or have not decreased at all.

Use Your Ammo Efficiently

The biggest reason that people can still survive and clear the stage is that they can use their ammunition efficiently. It would be hard to fight the enemies without a single weapon or bare hands because we cannot kill them faster. As we know, the enemies are really good at shooting. They almost never missed while shooting us although we are playing on the easy level. That is why saving your ammo is really important.

Aim for the Head

aim for the head

In order to save your ammo, aiming for the enemies head is really helpful as you will not need to spend a lot of ammo to kill them. Shooting the enemies head will kill them faster rather than when you are shooting their bodies or legs. So, make sure to aim it well and try to shoot them as fast as you can.

Bonus Tip

We have a bonus tip for you which can help you to survive as well. It is the way to get tons of Cubes so you can buy the weapons you need easily. The way is very easy as you just need to click this link (The Survival Hungry Games 2 Hack) to get it. Then, just follow the instruction given.

Final Words

Follow all of our tips above and surely, you can survive longer and clear all the stages available in this game. Do not be shy to ask if you still have something that you want to know.


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