Thumb Drift Tips || Become the Great Racer Immediately!

thumb drift tips

One of the interesting game on the smartphone. Like the title say, you can drift use your thumb only. Also, if you hit the side of the road repeatedly, your car will destroy in the process. That is why you need to be cautious all the time when playing this. In order to prevent that tragedy from happening, we made Thumb Drift tips to help you become the king of the street.

Do not Speed up for the First Time

Do not speed up your car in the start line, just drive with normal speed. You need to learn the road pattern first before you can go all out. If you think it is quite easy to manage, unleash all your skill to win the race. If you want to become the best racer, you need to look at your surrounding first. The one who plans ahead is the winner.

Use Any Cars You Want

Even though this game has hundreds of cars. All of them feel the same. So, choose the best design you like. As for the performance of the cars, all of them have the same feel. We hope the developer pay attention to this aspects because it is futile you only have different car type but the performance is same.

thumb drift gameplay

Upgrade Your Car Regularly

If you want to make your car perform better on the street, you need to upgrade it constantly. We recommend you focus on the drift performance because it is really important in this game. There are many weird roads which require you to drift a lot. So, do not focus on the speed only. Actually, you need to ignore the speed status, it means you do not need to upgrade it frequently.

Memorize All the Road if Possible

We know we ask the impossible thing. But if you can do that, it will become your great weapon in this game. If you cannot manage it, just remember the important part of the road. For example, you need to know which one you need to slow down or drift. If you can do both of them, you already earn the title of drift king.


That is all about the tips to play this game effectively. If you need more, you can ask us directly or we have the special way to ease all your problem. Of course, you need to prepare for the risk. If you ready, click Thumb Drift hack to begin. We already tested the tool and work perfectly to generate unlimited coins. Do not ask about the rewards, you already know what you will get.


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