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uphill rush guide

Welcome to all players to our Uphill Rush guide. Today, we are going to help you who have some troubles in playing this game. Last time, many players are asking us to make them the guide after they read our Uphill Rush review. And now, we already made it for you who may need it. So, may this guide will be useful for everyone who sees and read it.

Buy New Character and Ride

uphill rush character and ride

As we progress further in this game, the level will be more difficult because of the time is shorter, the climb is steeper than usual, and etc. Then, it will be harder for us to collect a lot all the three stars. As we know, the star can be obtained at the end of the ride if we can manage to set the best time. That is why buying a new character or ride is really important as the new ones will have better abilities than the one we have.

Upgrade the Character and Ride

Buying a new character or ride is more difficult than upgrading them. As we know, we need a lot of Gold in order to get the character and ride with the best abilities. But, upgrading the character and ride that we already have would be cheaper as we just need to watch a video to increase one of the three abilities by one stripe. Doing this way is better as it is faster and cheaper as well.

Perform Some Stunts

uphill rush stunts

In this game, there are some amazing stunts that we can perform during the stage. And for your information that doing the stunts like backflip and the others will give you a lot of benefits and prizes such as more EXP, speed booster, and of course, more Gold. That is why we should perform a lot of stunts. But, remember to land safely or the stunts that you do will be unsuccessful.

Watch Your Head

When you performing a stunt, you need to land safely not only to make it successful but also to make you not fail the stage. If you land with the head first, you will end your ride and fail the stage that you are in. And you will lose all the Gold that you have collected as well. So, make sure to be careful and play it safe.

Final Words

Do you like with our Uphill Rush guide above? We really hope that you like it and it can help you to have a better experience while playing this game. But, if you still unsatisfied with the guide above, you can ask us what do you want to know by giving a comment on the box that we have given below.

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