Uphill Rush Review || Play the Best Attractions In the Game!

uphill rush review

If you get bored with a hardcore game which requires your brain to think deeply, we are sure this one can become your medicine. Uphill Rush indeed takes you to the world full of water attractions. If you want a simple game without any complicated gameplay. This is the best one for sure. Are you curious what kind of features that this game offers? Just see Uphill Rush review to find it.


uphill rush gameplay

The gameplay in this game is pretty simple. What you need to do just ride on the water boat. You can move left or right. Also, there is also a balance button to prevent your character’s vehicle fall. Be sure to press it at the right time. Do not forget the time limit guys, if your character fall regularly, the time limit still move so you need to keep your guard up. If you want to get a good result at the end of the stage, be sure to arrive early before the time over. Of course, there is not the only factor, if you keep a good balance, it becomes the plus point too.

Great Features

  • There are 20 vehicles which you can choose along with many different outfits for your character.
  • Many great features. One of them is endless mode. Can you survive long enough until the time is over?
  • Do you want to create your own water park? You can go to the editor menu and create one. What makes it more amazing you can also share it with your friends!
  • Compete with your friends and become the best player in the game.
  • Level Mode or you can also say the story mode of the game. Explore the water park around the world to become the champion.


uphill rush graphics

The game uses 3D graphics. The details of the graphics really crisp. We are sure you are satisfied with the graphics quality. Especially, the splashing water after you begin the stage. It is quite something to see. If you are looking a simple game with a good graphics, you already find the answer here.

Final Thoughts

We really enjoy playing the game. The only let down you need to buy other vehicles with diamonds is really annoying. Other than that, this game is fine in its own way. We give 82 as the score. To make it more perfect, we also present you Uphill Rush hack to make your gameplay easier if you decide to play it.


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