Vegas Crime Simulator Review, Get To Know This Crazy Open-World Game Here!

Vegas Crime Simulator Review

You probably have already know that GTA San Andreas is already on mobile. But the question is, does your smartphone capable running that game? Well, don’t get sad, there still other similar open world game that you can try to play with your low-end device. The game that is suitable for you is Vegas Crime Simulator. It’s an amazing open world game where you play as a man who wreaks havoc in the sin city, Vegas.

This is the Vegas Crime Simulator review, where I will tell you everything about the game. Including all the good and bad things of this game. So, without further ado, let’s see what this game is about.

Vegas Crime Simulator Review

Vegas Crime Simulator Gameplay

The Good

If you play this game, I’m sure that you will get nice experience playing it. The game is everything about action. You can blast your way through all the crowded streets full of pedestrians or if you want, use a military helicopter to wreak havoc in the downtown. All in all, if you want some nonsense action game, this is the game for you. If you got angry at someone, you can unleash your stress with this game. It’s a full nonstop action.

The Bad

Well, I need to be honest with you that this game has poor graphics. But, it’s not so bad because poor graphics means that you can play this game on your low-end smartphone am I right? But for you, the owner of a high-end smartphone, you might get disappointed with this game. If you got a fancy smartphone, you better play GTA SA or Gangstar Vegas from Gameloft.


Well, for you who want to play the alternative open-world action game, this is for you. The game will give you the same excitement as any games on Play Store. If you want to get more fun from this game, you can use Vegas Crime Simulator hack tool to get unlimited money and therefore unlimited fun!


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