War and Order Hack, Working Android and IOS, Free Gems [Hack Tool]

War and Order Hack

What kind of hack would you like to get in War and Order? We have a great method to get free gems to your account where you can generate them once a week in a limited amount. All hack comes on packages which are same as the game store itself. By using our War and Order hack it would be easy for you to do anything in this game without any border.

Our War and Order hack tool is kinda popular this day because many players keep coming from many references to using this tool. We are so proud that recently it has been used by 101.951 players and it will keep counting after this article published.

About War and Order Hack

This hack is built with many programming languages to support its success rate. We combine 4 major of a programming language in order to make it works. PHP, Mysql, Jquery, Phyton have combined as well as this tool created. You may find there is many hack tool outside there but the working War and Order hack can be only found here.

The only thing you can get from this hack tool is gems. Gems are the premium currency of this game. We need to buy gems from the game store with our money. However, we can get them for free from this hack.

Hack Features

  1. Get free gems (150,750,1500,3000,7500,15000), based on in-app purchase and all your request would be marked as purchased item
  2. No download, we implement a generator to support the usage.
  3. No survey or human verification.
  4. Proxy IP
  5. ServerEnchancer
  6. Lite Speed Technology
  7. Cordova Technology, to support both Android and IOS platform.

Supporting Platform

We have implemented the best technology that you will never find before. By using our technology, you can easily hack War and Order on any device you use. We support Android and IOS hack at this time as the game is only available on both platforms. If there is an expansion, it only takes a minute to convert it into another platform as we use the best technology on this earth.

How to Use War and Order Hack Tool?

  1. Click access button above.

  1. Click “connect” button to prepare a connection from your device to our PC. It will help us to prevent bot usage.

war and order hack - process page

  1. When you have been successfully connected, you can go to generator page.

war and order hack - selecting package

  1. Select how many gems would you like to generate then click “generate” button.

war and order hack - filling detail

  1. Fill your username detail, you can leave platform empty if you wish or you can also select it. Do not worry, we have a high technology War and Order generator.

war and order hack - hacking process

  1. Wait for several minutes until the hacking process is done.

war and order hack - finish

  1. After you receive this message, you can check your account immediately. Make sure you restart the app.

War and Order Generator

Here we would like to let you know about our generator usage. We will uncover everything to let you know about this.

Generator Usage

You can generate free gems by using our War and Order generator. All packages are based on in-app game store. It would be safe than generating unlimited amount but then your account gets banned.

Generator Rules

We have a strict rule of using this one, so please you must follow it properly or we would not be responsible for any risk happen to your account. We designed this because we consider the risk. If you exceed the request limit then it may have a chance of getting banned. One thing you must to follow is “to not generate more than once a week”.

No Jailbreak

As this is an online generator. You would never face any jailbreak such as any tool did to you. If you ever felt it, we are so sorry for that one. You must be careful with the next time. Find the only working hack tool which it does not require any downloads because most jailbreak comes from a downloaded app.


HOLD ON, do not think anything because of we set donation page. You can only donate after you receive your gems. Keep in your mind that we created this generator for free. We do not ask anything to be paid. If you have spare money you could share it by donating to us but if you do not have, we do not mind about it. So, a donation is an optional option.

The Easiest War and Order Hack Tool in the Universe

We would like to let you know that we have received much feedback from our users that this one is the easiest app they ever did instead of hacking by using Cheat Engine which time consuming and low success rate. It is almost 98 % users who use this tool are totally satisfied with what we serve.

It can said that this is the best War and Order Hack Tool in 2018. We are sure you would have the same agreement as we thought.

No Survey or Human Verification

Would you like to hack this game without survey or human verification? We saw many people struggling so hard to use War and Order hack because they face verification while they want to get the gems. It is really frustrating because it is really hard to do. We know that the developer only wants to prevent bot usage into their system because it really leaks server resources.

So what kind of system we implement to prevent any bots? We use reCaptcha as the best technology from Google. We are so proud of using its technology, we are sure you should be familiar with this one as you should meet it anywhere such as downloading music, video, and so on.

Hack Codes

We are currently building for hack codes but we would like to let you know that we have not done yet. It is really hard to get all codes from the server, the success rate is still low. So, we do not want to publish it because we are sure it would make you disappointed after using it. Meanwhile, you can still use our main system which is to generate gems to your account.

Operation System Hack Usage

Here we will explain you for both platforms that we have implemented in this tool. Make sure you have to follow it because it is truly important.

Android Hack Usage

If you would like to use our War and Order hack into your Android device. Make sure you must follow the current operating system that we implement. Please note in your self that we cannot process any Android OS which is below than “Lolipop” version. If your device still below it, you can do updating your version.

IOS Hack Usage

Everyone knows that IOS is really hard to support any program outside of their system but we have tricked it and it works in almost OS version. However, you must restart your phone first to clear all cache. You have to stop any unwanted program which cost your RAM because we have the weakness if your RAM is not enough when we send the data package. It would crash and your hacking would fail.

Why Should You Use Our War and Order Hack?

There is a common reason why should you use this hack tool. Here is what you have considered.

  1. We do not implement any survey or verification which limits your time.
  2. It does not require any download
  3. Easy to use
  4. The quickest hacking time among others
  5. Ghosting mode which helps you to avoid any banning chance.
  6. Valid request, all your request would be marked as a purchase by our bot. So, the developer will not know if you get the gems from illegal activity.
  7. Received much positive feedback where you can refer the image below.

war and order hack - user review

Things You Can Do of Using War and Order Hack

Alright, here is the latest section of this article. We would like to let you know what you can do if you have gems in this game. We want you to manage it properly because you can only generate it once a week. So, you must be wise while using your gems. Here is the list which you can follow.

  1. Buy an epic weapon for your hero to help you battle.
  2. Upgrade your building to the next level. If you think the remaining time to upgrade is below 30 minutes. It is alright to speed it up.
  3. Do not spend your gems to speed up your troop recruitment, you can do that if you are in an urgent condition such as being attacked by others.
  4. Only buy an important item. You can buy them but you must think what function that item for your current condition.

Alright, that is all, what we can share with you about this War and Order hack. Hopefully, this generator can help you get free gems to your account. This is the best tool in 2018 that you must use or you may regret it for the whole of your life.


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