Werewolf Party Game Guide || Understand the Mechanism of the Game!

werewolf party game guide

Werewolf Party Game indeed one of the interesting game on the smartphone. For people who ever played the real game with their friends must understand about this feeling. Actually, the game is not really different with the real one. But for people who confuse to play it, see our Werewolf Party game guide to understand it.

Choose Your Avatar

For the first time when you begin the game, you need to choose an avatar. Actually, it does not matter you pick boy or girl. Because both of them do not have any special ability, just choose the one which you like the most. You can also customize your avatar to your own liking. Decorate your avatar and show off to your friends. You can also wear many costumes in this game. But you need a premium currency which is diamonds to get it.

Select the Role

This game has many varieties of gameplay depending on your role. We are sure this is the part which makes everyone confused. The role in this game such as werewolf hunter, a villager, werewolf, sniper, and so on. If you become werewolf hunter, you will hunt down the remaining wolf on the stage. Do not forget to read the description before beginning the stage.

werewolf party game

Day and Night Cycle

You must remember this one. If you become a villager, your activity is in the day to hunt down the werewolf. If you play as a werewolf, your activity is in the night to attack the village. All players must utilize this cycle effectively in order to win. You also need to create a combination with your partner to become the winner easily.

Make Use of Power-up Items

What makes this game amazing because of the addition of this kind of time. You can win the game easily if you manage to use it effectively. Sometimes, you will find this one scatter around the stage. That is why you need to grab it fast before another player steals it from you. If you want to increase your winning rate, you must get this one at all cost. After you get it, do not forget read the description.


This game indeed really interesting. Especially when you play it with your friends. If you still have a problem, just use Werewolf Party Game hack to overcome it immediately. We do not need to say what will you get from it. Just click it and see the amazingness!


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