Werewolf Party Game Review ||The Awesome Game on the Smartphone!

werewolf party game review

We are sure you know very well about this game. Actually, this is a real-life game. Because of the popularity, you can also play it on the smartphone. Do you think it will have the same gameplay like the real one? Pay attention to the Werewolf Party Game review to spot the differences. Read it immediately to cure your curiosity.


This is a unique game which you can play together with your friend or alone. For the first time of the game, you need to select which avatar gender you want to use. After that, you can decorate them to your own liking. If you ever played the real one, you do not need to be confused because it is same. This game has many variation gameplay depend on the role you choose.

werewolf party gameplay

Roles in the Game

WH (Werewolf Hunter): If you choose this role, you need to find the player who becomes werewolf. It depends on the stage how many werewolves you need to find. This is the basic role of the game. Everyone can play it without any difficulties.

WW (Werewolf): This task specializes to kill all the werewolf hunter. You need to survive the hunter attack and defeat them in the process.

CV (Civilian): If you become a civilian, your task is to kill WH. You can only kill them if they scan you. If it does not happen, you can let it go.

Sniper: This is a support role to help WW to kill WH.

Zombie: Unfortunately, you cannot become this role. Only an NPC can do it. So, if you ever find this one, run as fast as you can. You will turn into a zombie for a short period of time if this thing touches you.

Graphics Quality

The graphics engine in this game still uses 2D. But we think it is fit perfectly in this game. The cute characters will make you enjoy the game immediately. The details and effects really great too. The developer really did a great job.


This is a great game if you love the gameplay. For the score, we give it 80. We are sure you surprise with the score. If you do not believe us, you can try it for yourself. Tell us what you think about the game in the section below. Let us share together what you feel about this. If you have difficulties in this game, try Werewolf Party Game hack to get unlimited diamonds from ours.


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