Wild Hunter 3D Tips and Tricks | Be The Best Hunter In This Game

Wild Hunter 3D Tips and Tricks

Have you played Wild Hunter 3D? It’s an amazing hunting game on the mobile phone. The reason I said amazing is that this game is light enough to be played even on low-end devices. Even though that this game seems to be light, but you still need to have a great skill to hunt some animals and even dinosaurs in this game. Do you need some Wild Hunter 3D tips and tricks to be a master hunter? Well, you’ve come to the right place. Because here I’ll show you some of the best tricks you will ever see. Check all the tips below.

Wild Hunter 3D Tips and Tricks

Wild Hunter 3D Gameplay

1. Practice Your Aim

Everyone knows that to be a good hunter, you need to have the best shooting skill as much as possible. And in this game, a precise accuracy is everything. You need to be able to shot your prey with the correct target. If a mission must have you to have lung shot, then you need to precisely aim the lung. If you miss the shot, you only waste your score.

2. Use Power Ups

To have a hunt that is success beautifully, sometimes you need more than just a skill. Some of the mission requires deploying some power-ups to ease you clear the level. Power-up items such as the bait would be very useful to attract your target quickly rather than wait for them to come up then shoot it. So, don’t get stingy with the power-ups items.

3. Weapons

Each type of hunting level, you will have a recommendation for the best suitable weapon for the mission. Picking the right gun would make everything easier. But choose wrong, and you have to deal with difficulties. If your rifle is no longer effective, you need to upgrade or buy a new one. To buy a new one, you need Cash or some Diamonds to spend. If you’re running out of those two currencies, I recommend you to use Wild Hunter 3D hack tool. It’s the best and fastest way to earn lots of free Cash and Diamonds for this game.


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