WWE Supercard Hack Credits Revealed, 10.000 Players Got Free Credits

WWE Supercard Hack Generator

We have just been shocked from WWE Supercard official that they get sucked by many players who know a loophole of its app. Recently, it shows that more than 10.000 players receive credits to their account without buying it through their in-app purchase.

The Chief IT said that they have been trying to resolve this problem but they could not stop it because it comes from various doorway.

We try to dig into the problem and we find a WWE Supercard Free Credits method. It is really crucial to do but we have shared it into the article. If you would like to know you may visit the link above then you can proceed into the hack.

We know this could be hard for WWE Supercard but it should be what they get because if you are a free player. We can sure it would be extremely hard to get free credits into our account. If we really want to do that we need to do many things but exactly, we could just earn a little.

We should thank to the hacker because they really create a useful app for many players. WWE Supercard claimed that they will shut down the app in the end of this month. However, we are not sure they really can do that. Even their fanpage are being hacked there.

It means the security system of this game is not really great. You could give a try to hack this game. If you have not hacked the credits. You may refer to the link before. Just make sure you use this glitch wisely.

WWE Supercard Generator Proof

We think WWE Supercard will not being silent that their system are getting hacked by somebody else. They will try to strengthen it by banning many account which receive unlogical amount of credits.

We recommend you to generate only a small credit as you can. Do not start with the big one except you ever bought from their in-app purchase. Feel free to read more article at IGoGam.


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