WWE Supercard Hack Generator 2018, Unlimited Free Credits [Android&IOS]

WWE Supercard Hack Generator

What do you think of WWE Supercard game? Do you want to play this game in an easy way? We all know to play this game, at least we must have many credits in our account to have great cards. That is why we recommend you this WWE Supercard hack generator.

In this generator, we can get unlimited free credits within a min. However, we can only use it once a week. The best part of all, it supports Android and IOS version. So, there should be no limit if we want to get credits.

Things You Should Know about WWE Supercard Hack Generator

  1. It does not require any root so you are safe from any jailbreak
  2. Free credits in just filling your username
  3. No download required all you need to do is to use this generator
  4. Best generator in 2018 without any errors

We are sure, you are really eager to use this one but we would like to ask what will you do if you have many credits in your account? You can shout a comment below.

Steps to Get Free Credits

Now, you must follow our steps to receive free credits to your account. It is kinda hard to do but if you try using this in properly by following all instructions given. It would be really easy.

First, you must visit WWE Supercard Hack! While you are there, you can start to use the generator.

After you receive the credits there are many things you can do. Here we will list it below. We hope, it could be the best guide for you.

  1. Buy many cards on the shop
  2. Win the battle automatically, we can find this function on the top left corner which the developer hide it
  3. Be number one in the tournament
  4. Increase your battle tier
  5. Fuse to get legendary cards
  6. Add extra character slot


Q: I already do everything there but I do not receive a single credit
A: Please give your username on the comment, we will check it further

Q: I have received credits, can I get more?
A: No, you cannot. You would be able to get another one after next week.

Q: My credits cannot be used
A: It seems your account in a frozen mode. Usually, it takes 2×24 hours to be released. Do not worry, it is just a usual step for validation

WWE Supercard hack generator is now easy to access. It is unlike the different version which we need to learn how the hex work. Right now, you can use a single click to get them to your account.


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